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Guide to Drone Photography

Picnic at Sea By Ryan Brown - Guide to Drone Photography

The 2010s might have been the decade that drones revolutionized our world, but, in so many ways, the aerial photography craze is just getting started. Earlier this year, everyone from 500px to Red Bull named drone photography as one of their top trends for 2020. In May, Dirk Dallas, the curator of the popular Instagram account From Where I Drone, released a brand-new book of images from around the world.

Lake Tahoe Trees by Ryan Longnecker on

The global consumer (recreational) drones market is expected to reach $4.05 billion by 2022, as interest in aerial photography rises among pros and hobbyists alike. Meanwhile, artists like Ryan Longnecker, Ueli Frischknecht, Johannes Hulsch, Donal James Boyd, and many more are changing the game, as hundreds of thousands of followers tune in for the journey. Below, we cover the basics of getting started in this field, from understanding the gear to taking great photos.

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