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AI-driven drone seeding revolutionizes rice farming

drone seeding
Drone Seeding Demonstration

Artificial intelligence-driven drones have begun to revolutionize the rice farming industry in the Philippines, as Bayer Crop Science (BCS) completed a “drone seeding” demonstration in Paniqui, Tarlac, which substantially eliminates expensive and time-consuming work in rice planting.

The technology demonstration was completed by BCS in Brgy. Sampot last November 20 demonstrated the effectiveness of using drones to disperse (‘sabog tanim’) rice seeds. Sabog tanim or direct seeding is a method of sowing rice seeds.

The drone seeder is being received enthusiastically by Filipino farmers in Central Luzon as it substantially cuts the labor and cost of direct seeding. The drone seed spreading service fee is being placed at only P3,000 per hectare for Bayer Arize farmer-customers.

 Labor cost for transplanting rice traditionally costs P11,000 to P13,000 per hectare.

Instead of a whole day to do direct seeding in one hectare, drone seeding for the same area can be completed in only 30 minutes. Based on the conducted trial, the seeding rate is 20 to 25 kilos of hybrid rice seeds per hectare, which is far less than the 40-50 kilos seeding rate in the manual sabog tanim, indicating effective seed distribution.

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