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The Pros and Cons of Using Drones in Home Inspections

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Should you use drones for a home inspection?

Depending on when you started your home inspection career, using drones might seem like a crazy, futuristic idea, but it is fairly common today.

Roof Inspection with a Drone

One aspect of your home inspection business that can be made a lot easier with a drone is examining roofs. Home inspectors are not required to walk on roofs and, in fact, it can be harmful to the roof if it is made of slate or another material that can break under pressure. For their own safety and the safety of the roof, inspectors usually complete roof inspection from the ground with binoculars and by going into the attic, or by climbing a ladder to the eaves.

These methods are useful to detect a number of problems, but being able to view the roof up close with a drone is invaluable. Moreover, it is a lot easier to carry around a drone than a big, heavy extension ladder.

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